SalesPage Summer 2019: Continuing our year of data…

Multiple data streams of data converging

SalesPage is all about the data (your data, that is), all the time. The Summer 2019 release adds new features to support consolidating your data and keeping it safe.

Getting data into SalesPage

In the Spring 2019 release, we introduced support for using standard client master data feed files as another way to bring client data into SalesPage. This release adds support for using generic transaction and asset data feeds to get this critical data into SalesPage, too, where it can be validated and matched to client master data, then summarized.

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Encryption and sharing

We also added in-application tools that allow administrators to

  • Generate and manage the PGP encryption key pairs used to encrypt and decrypt specific inbound and outbound data files.
  • Configure feed handling processes, specifying the key pairs and file retrieval/delivery mechanisms to use.

Managed data services

We added lots of capabilities and built out our file-handling library for SalesPage Perspectives.

Want to know more?

These are just the highlights of the Summer 2019 release; for the full story, see What’s New in the Summer 2019 Release in the SalesPage Client Center. And if you don’t already have a Client Center login, send us a request for one today.