Get valuable perspective with the SalesPage Winter 2018 release

Get your red-hot SalesPage Winter 2018 release from the frozen north! This release includes more changes than we can list here, starting with some very exciting enhancements to SalesPage Perspectives.

SalesPage Perspectives

Perspectives can be part of your SalesPage solution; it’s the data framework for MDM that can consolidate and make usable all of the data you receive that’s related to firms, offices, reps, partnerships and teams—demographic data, market data, data from data packs. Some, though not all of the changes to this key module, include:

  • New Fuzzy Matching and Potential Links tools automate identifying relationships between data imported to Perspectives and the data for firms, offices, reps, partnerships, and teams that’s already in SalesPage
  • New Attributes features put the power to show key data points from those incoming sources in SalesPage in your hands—no more waiting for developers to add fields to search, search results, and detail pages
  • Discovery data, as well as that from market share, market position, or market intelligence sources like Market Metrics or DST WalletShare is now handled through Perspectives, so that data management for these sources is both more robust and consolidated.

Salesforce connector

We have a new and improved connector for sharing data between SalesPage Enterprise and your Salesforce application.

Performance tuning

We added some new ways to provide on-the-fly performance tuning for your SalesPage application, so that you can keep working while SalesPage just gets better.

Want to know more?

If you’re a SalesPage client, log into the SalesPage Client Center for What’s New in the SalesPage Winter 2018 Release. If you don’t already have a login, send us a request for one today.