Mastering the matrix: Trends in data stewardship and strategy (webinar recording)

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Last month, we presented Navigate the tide: Master the flow of your client data, the 2nd webinar in a three-part series about developing and building out your data strategy, as part of our partnership with On-Course Advisors’ CRM Forum

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In the first webinar Data—are you riding the crest or drowning?, we described how establishing a client data platform (CDP) provides the foundation for a strong data strategy. After data is consolidated into a single CDP, a strategy for handling data stewardship and for finding a balance between competing internal and industry views can be established. The second webinar dove into strategy in detail; here are some highlights. 

Mastering the data strategy matrix

The data landscape is continually changing. How you’re consolidating data and then layering people and processes on top of it is the key to mastering the data strategy matrix; that’s how you get data into your desired state. Here is a clip from Navigate the tide: Master the flow of your client data that describes the data stewardship and viewpoint dimensions of the matrix and where firms are positioned in the matrix.

For specific examples of how firms with different goals and constraints are mastering the matrix, request the full recording.

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Trends in data strategy

As more sources (e.g. market data, broker-dealer data packs) come into play, complexity in handling and digesting that data increases. To adjust to this growing complexity, we’re seeing greater adoption of systematic approaches to handling data and a “push to the center”—striking a balance between systematic and manual handling of data—on the data strategy matrix. For more detail on trends in the marketplace, check out this clip from the webinar:

To learn more, request the full recording and stay tuned for Part 3 in this series.

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