Fall 2018 Release: Get your red-hot numbers here!

The SalesPage Fall 2018 release is here. As always, SalesPage clients can get the details in the release notes, available in our secure SalesPage Client Center. Log in to read or download What’s New in the SalesPage Fall 2018 Release. (If you don’t yet have a login, let us know you’d like one). To pique your interest, here’s a bit of what’s included:

Dramatically improved summarization performance

In our test cases, we reduced summarization times of 2+ plus hours to just 20 minutes. Our process changes make it simpler for us to adapt summary processes to meet your needs, whether that’s for an initial implementation or in response to changes in strategic direction. Summarization is no longer tied into as many database-specific solutions, so it’s easier to switch database platforms, too.

Partnership, teams, and Perspectives

We’ve added lots of new features and enhancements that make it easier than ever to track and work with rep partnerships, teams, and Perspectives sources—incoming data related to firms, offices, reps, partnerships, and teams. You can now fine-tune how you handle this incoming data and see relevant details more clearly when you review it.

New tips for users

Share SalesPage tips with your users using Online Topics. Such topics can include formatted text, links, images, and video, and they can even be set to display as alerts (similar to activity alarms) so that you know everyone has an opportunity to see your tip when it’s most relevant—as well as being able to refer back to it later.

Want to know more?

Log into the SalesPage Client Center for the full list of changes in this release; see What’s New in the SalesPage Fall 2018 Release. If you don’t already have an ID and password, ask us for a login today.