SalesPage Summer 2018: (Data) waves, more monitoring, usability

The SalesPage Summer 2018 release is here! As always, the full story can be found in the latest release notes in SalesPage Client Center; log in to read or download What’s New in the SalesPage Summer 2018 Release. Client Center is only available to SalesPage clients—please let us know if you still need a login. Read on for some highlights of this release.

Mastering the data wave

This release makes it easier for you to manage the rules used to automatically validate and transform the data coming into SalesPage. Options for defining global and individual rules for handling firms, offices, and reps from outside sources are now clearer. We made it faster to link the trading IDs from those entities with the entities of record in SalesPage, too. It’s also now easier to use new search options to find and work with your resolution rules. Remember, resolution rulesets define how trades and assets are systematically linked to the right firms, offices, and reps in SalesPage, and they provide options for fine-tuning territory assignments and inclusion in summaries, as well. Ruleset search results now include a roll-up of each rule’s actions, queries, and definitions, too, so that it’s just easier to find, review, and manage the rules you need. You can now include trading IDs as criteria in virtually every search in SalesPage; which makes it easier to find the precise firms, offices, reps, and partnerships you’re after.

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Performance monitoring and troubleshooting

New live, real-time server statistics provide deeper insights into server performance so that it’s easier to pinpoint issues and target areas for performance improvements.

Improved interface usability

Table headers are now ‘sticky’; when you scroll through records in a long table, the column headings remain visible. We also added full keyboard support for completing more types of fields, and we added tool tips that tell you how to manually enter dates and times if you don’t want to use the date and time selectors for particular fields.

Want to know more?

You can get the full list of changes in this release in the SalesPage Client Center; see What’s New in the Summer 2018 Release. If you don’t already have an ID and password, ask us for a login today.