Fall/Winter 2017 Release: Resolution rulesets, data operations dashboard, sitemap, and more

We’re excited to announce the latest SalesPage release, which is packed with enhancements and updates. I’m sharing just a few highlights here. As always, the full release notes for the release are available in the SalesPage Client Center; log in to read and download What’s New in the Fall/Winter 2017 Release. (Client Center is only available to SalesPage clients, but you can always ask us for a login.)

Transaction account rules, mark II: Resolution rulesets

Transaction account rules, introduced in the Spring 2017 release, empower your Data Operations team to define transaction and asset handling. In earlier versions, a lot of that handling had to be defined by application developers, in code that you couldn’t easily change. Now, many of the rules are defined right in SalesPage. In the Fall/Winter 2017 release, we’ve kicked transaction account rules up another notch with resolution rulesets. Resolution rulesets put even more data-handling power in your hands: More business rules, fewer spaghetti rules.
Spaghetti rules vs business rules
The new Transaction Account Rule set replaces the transaction account rules, offering:

  • Multiple actions performed by a single rule
  • Retroactive application of rules, so that you can “fix” data issues on transactions and assets already in SalesPage
  • Refactored rule-handling, for improved performance

Future releases will bring more actions, more rulesets, and more flexible control over your data in SalesPage.

Souped-up Data Operations dashboard

Thanks to our clients who participated in Operations sessions at our Spring 2017 Roundtable, we learned a lot more about what Data Operations teams need and want to accomplish each day.

In this release, we’ve rolled out a new Data Operations dashboard that includes widgets and tools to make it easier to focus on those priorities. It’s now easier than ever to focus on the highest priority errors and issues, to monitor feed processing, and to handle confirmations and reviews—your team’s empowered to give you the data you need, now. (To really see the dashboard, check it out in the release notes in Client Center.)

How do I get there? Site map redux, finding pages

We’ve brought back the sitemap, as another way to explore the pages you can use in SalesPage. If you were missing this Version 5 feature, it’s back. We’ve also developed a different kind of map, one that links up the SalesPage Version 5 navigation bar options to the places that you’ll find those options and pages in the standard SalesPage 6 menus.

If you’re used to how to find pages and tools in Version 5, Finding Pages in SalesPage 6 can help make the transition to the new menus and user interface easier. Download the PDF from Other resources and information in SalesPage Client Center, or read the topic Finding Pages in SalesPage 6 in Help for this release, available when you upgrade your SalesPage application.

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See What’s New in the Fall/Winter 2017 Release for the full list of changes; it’s available to read or download in the SalesPage Client Center. If you don’t already have an ID and password, ask us for a login today.

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