Move series: under construction

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A season change and we’re back to progress and construction on our new suite at the Foundry! Last time you saw us we mixed it up for CSM Group’s open house. Our suite came a long way since then—rooms are built, walls are hung, and paint colors are up! Take a look for yourself:

colored rooms in new office

Who let us have blue, orange, and purple rooms!?

construction on suite at foundry

Our Director of Marketing showcases the progress!

One of the unique features of our space is the in-suite signage, we were able to catch part of the installation on a visit to the Foundry last week.

supervision of sign installation

A little to the left!

salespage sign

Fun fact: this sign was on the exterior of our building. We’re about a month and a half out from move day, and things aren’t slowing down any time soon! We’re anxious to see the rest of the office come together.

What will the furniture look like in the space? Check back to our blog for these answers and more before move in!