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At last week’s CRM Forum, On Course Advisors showcased a panel of professionals from firms that serve the asset management industry. They shared perspectives on how to solve the data-centric challenges that arise with globalization.

Inderjit Chhatwal led panelists through a discussion to explain how global regulation, competition, and industry consolidation effects changes in the industry, and how asset managers should prepare for these. Panelists:

Here are some best practices that the panelists shared about building a successful global distribution effort:

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    • Understand global differences between markets
    • Focus on business goals, but don’t forget about the consumers of the data and systems
    • Consolidate and standardize data
    • Make it simple for your team members to access and use data
    • Identify the data your entire firm has to help build a global data strategy
    • Leverage best practices across the globe, but remember that in many cases you will need to “adapt” versus “assimilate”

At SalesPage, we begin each engagement with our asset management partners looking at the master data management (MDM) strategy you have in place. We ask:

  • How do you accept data into your ecosystem? Are you standardizing the data in a way that can be leveraged seamlessly with other data sets throughout your firm?
  • How do you enrich, categorize (e.g. line of business, territory), and summarize data? Are you able to differentiate these processes for the various channels across your firm?
  • What other business systems require this data? Are you effectively managing the communication and data flow between these systems?

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We use that conversation to help refine an asset management-specific MDM strategy; and compliment it with SalesPage solutions that will help you effectively use data across your organization and the globe to drive intelligent distribution.

If you’d like to talk further, I’m always up for a conversation, or you can reach out to my team.