SalesPage welcomes XA Investments to our client community

I am pleased to announce that XA Investments LLC, a Chicago-based firm, has joined the SalesPage client community. XAI offers customized solutions to the investor community, one of which is their proprietary Alternative Registered Trust (ART)TM Platform. The platform represents a differentiated approach to alternatives investing, by offering institutional quality managers in vehicles that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of individual investors.

XAI will be using SalesPage Pro as a tool to help build their business. [As of January 2020, SalesPage Pro has been replaced by SalesStation, our turnkey solution for outsourced data management with a Salesforce CRM managed interface.] SalesPage Pro [now SalesStation] incorporates a variety of features, from master data management to asset management CRM, in a single streamlined solution that will help XAI identify, segment, and engage with the best targets for XAI’s products.

With a client community comprised of industry-leading asset managers, both large and small, SalesPage has high standards for data management, analysis, and asset management distribution software solutions. A strong partnership with our client community allows us to quickly address industry-specific challenges and be first to market with solutions, giving our clients a distinct advantage over their peers. Each new engagement enriches our expertise and results in improvements in our products, delivery, and support.

In partnering with XAI, we add yet another voice that helps strengthen our client community, enhance our solutions, and position SalesPage as an indispensable tool for driving intelligent distribution. Please join us in welcoming XAI!