Events – Wrapping Up 2016

While the last day of summer isn’t until September 21st, I’ve already enjoyed my first pumpkin spice latte and am excited to share some details on the events SalesPage has coming up this fall! Here is a quick rundown of the hot topics being featured at events starting next week through the end of the year.

Third-Party Data, CRM Deployment, and 2020 Outlook

The agenda and content at CRM Forum are largely driven by its members. As a partner, we regularly have the opportunity to learn about and contribute our expertise to current topics relating to the asset management industry. Members and partners will be diving into a variety of subjects at next week’s event, including:

  • Third-party data – How are firms effectively incorporating third-party data into analysts’, wholesalers’, and managers’ workflows?
  • CRM Deployment – Are firms moving to one CRM or two to serve institutional, retail, and other distribution channels?
  • Outlook for 2020 – What themes are and will be prevalent in helping asset managers use data to drive more effective sales strategies? Our very own Aric Faber and colleagues from other partner firms will share insights on where we see the industry going forward.

Customer Journey Mapping

MFEAOne particularly interesting session taking place at MFEA’s Marketing Council Summit next month is about Customer Journey Mapping and using intelligence to deliver key messages and influence the purchase decision process. In addition to this, we always look forward to the breakout sessions that wrap up the event as everyone gets the opportunity to bring up topics to discuss in a more intimate setting.

FinTech and DOL

MMI is hitting several top hot topics at their Fall Solutions Conference in late October, covering the role FinTech is playing in helping firms tackle current and future challenges as well as educating the audience on implications with the DOL Rule, plus much more. This will be our first time attending the event and we are looking forward to it!

Making Data Useful and Maximizing Wholesaler Effectiveness

Of course, I saved the best for last! SalesPage’s Fall Client Roundtable is shaping up to be quite an event. In addition to hearing about NextShares and the upgrade process to our newest version, SalesPage 6, client participants will have an opportunity to break out into groups and take a deeper dive into topics relevant to distribution and operations. We’re also hoping for nice weather in late October so we can all enjoy the Boston skyline during the reception that precedes the event.

We hope to run into you at some of these events and are excited to share what we learn! Check out upcoming events SalesPage will be participating in on our events page.