Big Data, Best Sources, Getting Data Right

BigData_VisualizationMy morning news feed always has a headline or two regarding big data. Many asset managers rely on multiple third-party FOR (firm/office/rep) data sources—SalesConnect, Discovery, Meridian IQ, RIA Database, and others—as supplements to the data in their CRM and marketing systems. The more sources that are employed, the bigger the big data gets. This additional level of complexity brings with it new questions and hurdles to overcome.

Which sources are best? The answer may be all of the above. All of your internal and third-party sources bring value to data governance, marketing and distribution efforts, and more. The challenge? How to effectively import, assess, and deliver the most valuable information so your sales and marketing teams can take intelligent action. A solution? SalesPage Perspectives – now available in our latest version, is designed to specifically manage and integrate these types of data sets.

SalesPage has historically tackled the challenge of managing and leveraging multiple data sources by providing different views into the data and several options for updating firms, offices, and reps. While we still offer these options, we developed Perspectives to provide a unified way for you to work with FOR data from as many different external sources as your company uses. As a result, SalesPage often acts as a golden source of data for our clients.

Perspectives–Getting Data Right

To effectively market to and target the right advisors, you want to make sure you have the most accurate information possible. The best source could either be your CRM system or a third-party data provider. Say, for example, you have an existing phone number for a rep and a different phone number is presented to you from a third-party data source. Do you automatically update the phone number in your CRM with the information from the third-party?

What we’ve found is that it’s best to leave that decision up to you. Perspectives makes the decision process easier by applying business logic to present the most likely option, while offering real-time access to any available alternatives in the event that the primary selection is wrong. Furthermore, by providing access to all of your data, Perspectives delivers:

  • Real-time comparing and contrasting between data sources
  • Aggregation and confirmation of metrics between external sources
  • Selective targeting of advisors using third-party intelligence
  • Historical copies of entity data, solving the “overwrite” problem

How can Perspectives help you? Let’s talk about it. Give me a call or contact us. I look forward to hearing from you!