New Version of SalesPage to Revolutionize How Asset Managers Work

SalesPage 6

I am pleased to share some exciting news – SalesPage has officially launched SalesPage 6. This latest version represents a significant evolution in SalesPage products and provides asset managers with a distinct advantage in managing their distribution efforts.

SalesPage 6 is the next generation in data integration and user experience. Whether firms are looking to replace and streamline existing CRM and back-office data management systems or for a data management solution to plug into a third-party CRM such as Salesforce, this new version delivers by bringing complex data and functionality together with a new, cutting-edge experience.

Users are able to work intuitively and easily, benefitting from an interface that adjusts to roles and devices used to access the application. Behind the interface is a solid infrastructure that utilizes advanced web development methodologies which support rapid, inheritance-based development. This allows existing and new clients to continue leveraging current and future SalesPage functionality more frequently, ensuring that they continue to have the best possible solution for asset management.

I’d like to highlight some existing features of SalesPage, now combined with new elements of SalesPage 6, which together deliver the ideal solution for asset managers.

Best-in-Class Data Management

SalesPage 6 combines best-in-class data management with a new user experience. Examples of data management features (standard in all SalesPage products) that are giving clients an edge include:

  • Transaction Resolution Toolset – presents daily sales, redemptions, and asset flows to users so they can quickly see and act on activity within their channel or territory. By automating import validation, resolution, and allocation of transaction and asset data, SalesPage also helps to streamline data operations.
  • Territory and Channel Management – empowers firms to define and apply territory and channel management rules. In SalesPage, users are able to quickly see sales by territory, territory history, and how proposed territory changes may impact business.
  • SalesPage Perspectives – allows firms to more effectively leverage all of their data sources. By aggregating multiple data points on a given entity, this tool provides users with a complete perspective and the ability to take informed action.
  • Team Management – provides firms the ability to track and manage financial advisor teams. By leveraging underlying production and activity data, SalesPage helps target and sell to teams.

New Personalized User Experience

Examples of the unique capabilities available in this version of SalesPage’s turnkey CRM solution which enhance a user’s experience and productivity include:

  • Personas System – streamlines a user’s workday by honing their experience around specific role(s). Whether they are a wholesaler, a relationship manager, or on the senior management team, SalesPage 6 prioritizes content and tools that are important to them.
  • Call List Management – allows firms and wholesalers to more easily create and manage multiple campaigns they are responsible for on an ongoing basis. This ensures wholesalers are engaging with the right rep at the right time, in addition to providing relevant information to facilitate a successful call.

Version 6 is now available for all new client implementations. SalesPage clients Eaton Vance and Virtus Investment Partners will be converting to SalesPage 6 later this year. We will be working with the rest of our client community to convert them to the newest version on a schedule of their choosing.

SalesPage is focused on growing and strengthening our client community, and this release marks a strategic advancement towards that goal. I am extremely proud of our team and how we have come together to enhance our client experience in this new version.