Have Your Cake and Eat it, Too—Logic and Workflow Automation

Layer cake

Automating business logic and workflow is impactful to a firm’s growth potential, but also to an individual’s productivity. To get this right, we recommend starting with data.

When onboarding new clients or enhancing projects with existing client partners, SalesPage’s focus is on getting the data right. In the asset management industry, there is A LOT of data. Most of it exists in silos, which makes the data difficult to leverage through multiple departments. CRM-related activity, such as notes, calls, emails, etc., is just one layer of data (or layer of cake, depending on your view)—however, there is much more:

  • Market Metrics LMS
  • Entity data
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Sales and asset data, and more!

Together, these layers enrich your knowledge of an advisor’s behavior and better equip you to provide valuable, relevant content at the right time.

Digesting Data

Given all the layers of data available, it is difficult for a single individual to consume the data and act on it in a timely manner. Your sales and marketing staff members aren’t all analysts and may sometimes struggle with digesting these layers. This is where SalesPage can help. As a system of record for data management and a solution for focusing distribution efforts, we can assist with automating your firm’s specific and frequently multi-tiered processes into an easy-to-use solution for your user base.

Making it Easy to Focus Effort

Why should high-value producers at your firm devote time to making sense of data and sifting through multiple silos to find an advisor to meet with? Our clients partner with us to help streamline their firm’s distribution strategy in our data management, sales reporting, and integrated CRM solutions.

We work with some of the best and most respected asset managers in the industry. One way clients accomplish advisor satisfaction is by calling and meeting with advisors when the time is right and the content is appropriate. The logic that SalesPage applies to data can be anything from creating and managing territories to automating a campaign based on complex criteria, or even reconciling failed trades. Individuals from sales, marketing, and operations, are being prompted by their SalesPage solution to take action based upon rules that have been established by the firm as a whole.

Looking to have your cake and eat it too? More specifically, would you like to automate workflows, apply business logic, and break down data silos in order to push valuable and actionable material to your teams so they can effectively work their day instead of analyzing it? Let’s talk about how SalesPage can help. Request a demo of SalesPage or shoot me an email. I look forward to hearing from you!