The Power of Camaraderie

Growing TogetherIn back-to-back weeks, I have had the opportunity to spend time both with clients, at our recent SalesPage Advisory Board and Roundtable events, and prospects, at On Course Advisors’ CRM Forum. Over the years, I had started to take for granted how small and close-knit our community of asset managers and the partners who serve the industry is. It may have been the proximity in time of these events or the many clients and familiar acquaintances attending, but I found myself genuinely appreciating the opportunity to spend time with such a friendly and inclusive group of asset managers, partners, and competitors.

Every time someone first attends one of these events, they are amazed at how we all work together to share information and solve challenges. Throughout all of the ups and downs that our economy and industry have faced over the years, this group of asset managers has been able to weather the storm, maintain successful businesses, and provide tremendous value to clients.

I am convinced that our industry’s culture, which has been honed over many decades, provides a unique advantage for everyone. While we compete as fiercely as in other industries, we know that our #1 purpose is to help our clients successfully achieve their financial goals. To do this, we have to maintain high regulatory standards, successfully adopt new technology, and constantly work to address the expectations of our clients.

The ability for everyone to come together at events like the ones I recently attended, not only provides us an opportunity to learn from others, but it also builds camaraderie that can be leveraged throughout the year and our careers. Being able to reach out to your peers at any point for advice and counsel is invaluable. Being able to fiercely compete with each other, but at the same time, help each other when possible, makes work so much more enjoyable. Most importantly, when we learn from each other the biggest winners are the clients whom we serve.

So the next time you see us at a conference, know that we are having fun and enjoying the experience. From setting the record for the shortest Uber ride ever to first learning about Elliott the Pig—it’s great to catch up with friends and colleagues at these events. Even though the true value, of course, is in our ability to improve how we do business and to increase the value that we all bring to our clients.