Distribution Headaches? Stop Them Before They Get Worse

Whether I’m involved in discussions at industry conferences or chatting with prospective clients, several of the same pain points keep coming up with regard to effectively distributing investment products:

  • Targeting: I have all this “big” data; how do I use it intelligently and make it actionable for my sales team?
  • Reporting: I want accurate and timely sales data.
  • Segmentation: How can I effectively segment when the relevant data is in different systems?
  • Territory Management: I want to see sales by territory; I’d like to understand the business in each of my current territories, as well as territory history and proposed territory changes; I need to track territory goals moving forward.

How does your firm alleviate these distribution headaches? It’s clear that you’re going to need more than a CRM system to do it.

SalesPage: So Much More than Just CRM

As SalesPage’s Director of Marketing, one of my passions is educating our clients, industry partners, and prospects about how SalesPage Financial is much more than a CRM system; our software and our company helps asset managers manage data, focus distribution effort, and grow assets, by providing a more complete set of tools that you’ll find in simple CRM applications.

SalesPage Financial is a total distribution management system for asset managers. What does that mean? It means that we couple best-in-class, targeted CRM with robust data management, in a single solution. How does SalesPage Financial work? Start with the data our industry invests in:

  • Production
  • Entity
  • Market share

SalesPage processes and reconciles all of this data to the appropriate firm, office, rep, and account entities, as appropriate. That allows your firm to maintain high data quality and the right connections. SalesPage also integrates with internal and third-party systems—expenses, compensation, marketing, and more!—making your valuable data easy to leverage.

Let us help you move from this:

Big “Data Challenge”

  • How do I eliminate duplicates?
  • How do I assign sales to the correct FORs?
  • How do I assign sales to the right territories?
  • How can I ensure that we capture wholesaler activity consistently and uniformly?


To this:

“Big Data” Challenge

  • Which territories/zones are undersold?
  • What is my ROI for my sales expenses?
  • What types of rep interactions are most effective?
  • What is the best way to structure my territories?
  • Can I better target the reps contacted by my wholesalers?


It’s no wonder that distribution teams using SalesPage were top-rated by the FT 400, and that they continue to perform well.

FT 400 Best Wholesalers Use SalesPage


Best Fund Families 10-Year Rankings with SalesPage


How SalesPage Can Help You

In addition to helping our clients tackle big data and distribution challenges, SalesPage Financial offers many other benefits that make it more than a CRM solution. If you’d like to read a short document identifying some of the highlights of SalesPage Financial, reach out to me; we’d be happy to share it with you.

If you’d like to discuss specific challenges your firm is having, I welcome an opportunity to learn and determine how we can help! Please reach out to me.