Data on Device: A Here-And-Now Trend for Asset Managers

Picture this:  You’re a top-performing external wholesaler with a territory that includes San Francisco. You have back-to-back meetings with three individual reps who work on different floors in the same building. After meeting with the first rep, you walk into the elevator and push the button for the floor on which the second rep works; you pull out your mobile device to look up a sales report for crucial information that can help you close the deal with that second rep—only to discover that you don’t have service in the building. Without that rep’s data available to you, you have a sinking feeling that you’re toast. But at this point, you don’t have a choice; you just have to move forward and hope that you’ll be able to close the deal—even without the data that would have made your life easier and your deal more certain.

Whether you’re a wholesaler in San Francisco or South Dakota, not having wireless service or access to the data you need when you’re in the field is a serious problem. One solution is using data on device, which can allow you to view crucial information while disconnected from the internet. In reviewing the responses to a mobile survey we administered last quarter (a special shout out to our Marketing Intern, Ninu Francis for gathering those results!), we learned that a subset of people (specifically 39.5% of responders) already have the ability to store data on their mobile devices, but many more would like to have that option. In fact, 62.2% of our responders said that being able to work in a disconnected mode from a mobile device was important to them.

Is working in a disconnected mode on a mobile device important to you?

In the past, SalesPage has offered data on device, and moving forward, we’ll be working with those in our Client Community to determine how we can provide the best tools to enable SalesPage Mobile users to work offline.

Reviewing the survey results gave us some other insights, too—particularly those related to finding out which categories of users would benefit from using mobile, and how responders prefer to work on mobile devices.

Mobile devices and apps to serve more than External Wholesalers

Individuals who work from the road are more inclined to be mobile users, which is common across any industry. The asset management vertical, however, may be extending mobile tool usage, reaching users who aren’t necessarily road warriors. Looking at the chart below, you’ll see that of our responders, Sales and Wholesalers aren’t the only team members who can benefit from using mobile apps; respondents also said that there’s value in having those in the Operations and Marketing groups use mobile apps. From this, we can infer that team members across departments realize the benefits of using mobile technology and solutions.

Which user groups would benefit from having firm-provided mobile business apps?

As more departments adopt mobile apps and devices, SalesPage is eager to learn how those teams utilize mobile technology, which functionality will serve them best, and what data they will need to access all the time. Finding answers to these key questions will help us to be sure that SalesPage Mobile is able to support your team members in every department.

Users want apps specifically made for mobile devices

Respondents told us that, if given a choice between using an app developed specifically for a mobile device and accessing a browser-based solution from a mobile device, the hands-down winner was using a mobile app developed for a mobile device. This preference was expressed by a whopping 65.8% of responders!

What is your personal preference—using apps developed for mobile devices or using desktop solutions on a mobile device?

As a long-time user of mobile solutions, I wasn’t surprised to see that number. In my experience, most mobile users would rather access data from an app that’s been specifically designed with mobile devices in mind, every day, every time. I know that’s true in my own life, too—whether using an app for fun or for work. Take Facebook, for example—which is used by millions of users every day. When I access Facebook from a mobile device, I prefer using the Facebook mobile app, rather than checking my newsfeed through a browser. Why? Because the Facebook mobile app has integrations seamlessly built into the background; I don’t need to continuously respond to prompts, I don’t need to manually tap to allow the browser to access other applications on my device. With the mobile Facebook app, I can effortlessly post photos of my food or videos of my dog; it’s hassle-free!

At first glance, there might not seem to be much correlation between Facebook and work-centric mobile solutions, but … the common denominator is having software that presents you with straightforward functionality and a seamless design to support your experience. That should be part and parcel of the mobile version of any software. Let’s face it—mobile users just prefer apps that have been built with their needs in mind, regardless of whether they’re using Facebook or performing actual work!

SalesPage Mobile—what’s next?

SalesPage is working on a number of initiatives to improve user experiences for those using mobile devices as well for those as accessing our solution via a desktop device. The two primary initiatives are:

  • The release of SalesPage Financial version 6.0, which is slated for late Q1 2016. We’re really geeked about this product, with its new look, new feel, and a fully revamped user interface.
  • A strong commitment to investing time and energy in developing a best-in-class mobile solution for the financial services industry.

The next time you’re in an elevator in San Francisco or driving to an office in South Dakota, make sure you’re equipped with the mobile technology and data you need to be effective. At SalesPage, we’re continuously improving our mobile solutions so that those in our client community can quickly access the information they need, on the fly.

If you’d like to hear more about what we learned from our latest survey or want to check out SalesPage Mobile and talk about our development roadmap, reach out to me!