Working the Plan: Welcome Greg Piaseckyj!

Last year, SalesPage announced both a growth plan and a leadership succession/transition plan. Over the course of this year, we have made tremendous progress towards the goals we set for ourselves then. Most recently, this is highlighted by our announcement that we’ve hired Greg Piaseckyj as our Director of National Sales & Business Development.

Greg comes to SalesPage from a 20+ year career in the asset management industry. For the last 15 years, he’s been with Eaton Vance, starting as an Internal Wholesaler, moving to Sales Desk Supervisor, and for the last 8 years, serving as Vice President Sales Desk Manager, leading Eaton’s Vance’s Internal Sales team. During Greg’s time as head of that team, Eaton Vance was recognized by the FT 400 as having one of the industry’s most respected sales teams.

Greg’s also been very involved in Eaton Vance’s efforts to work with SalesPage to tailor their SalesPage Financial solution for their specific needs. The SalesPage Client Community—and the broader industry—have recognized many of these enhancements for their role in contributing to the increased effectiveness of Eaton Vance’s distribution operation. The combination of Greg’s experience leading a respected sales team and his familiarity with SalesPage will be tremendous assets. Greg’s deep understanding of the industry’s challenges provides an unprecedented value to SalesPage’s current and future clients, as well as to the future roadmap for SalesPage products and services.

Hiring Greg caps a busy and productive first 8 months of 2015; in addition to Greg, SalesPage has added several new staff members, including:

  • Mark Gilbert, Senior Solution Developer
  • Ken Toy, Senior Solution Developer
  • Iain MacQuarrie, Associate Developer
  • Renae Voshel, Project Manager
  • Emily Brittain, Project Manager
  • Tim Moran, Director of Infrastructure & Security
  • Ninu Francis, Adrianne Stevens, and Lee Hasper, our fantastic interns.

These new team members are all helping SalesPage to better meet the needs of at least two new SalesPage clients, to address opportunities with our existing client base, and to devote more resources to our product development initiatives—such as a new user experience/interface, enhanced mobile solutions, and an enhanced DataCenter application. The additional resources are also helping Jennifer Rutledge, our Chief Operations Officer, to achieve her goal of improving the overall client experience, making it easier to provide better communication, improved quality assurance, faster time-to-market, and enhanced support processes.

Next month, we’re hosting our biannual Advisory Board and Roundtable meetings in Hartford, at the offices of Virtus Investments, another valued member of the SalesPage Client Community. We look forward to introducing our clients to Greg and to other members of the SalesPage team, in addition to sharing more information on everything that’s going on at SalesPage.

Finally, I wanted to thank our entire SalesPage Client Community for partnering with us! Many of you have assisted us in bringing on new clients. And without our great working relationships with you, SalesPage would not be nearly as effective at enhancing our industry-leading solution. We look forward to improving the value we bring to you and to continuing to build our relationships.