On the Go: Getting the Most Out of Mobile

It’s always with you, you’re constantly checking it, and it feels like you’re naked when it’s missing. What is it?

A mobile device.

Mobile Dependency

You may have experienced, as I have, arriving at work and settling into the morning routine—a cup of coffee in hand while you’re sifting through e-mails; then, it hits you. You check your left and right pockets. You check your computer bag or purse. You go out to your car to look in your center console. With a sinking feeling, you remember leaving your phone on your nightstand. All of a sudden you feel like you’re missing your right leg.

Mobile connectivity is a blessing as well as a burden; you can tell the entire world how you feel in a matter of seconds, but if you lose your device, you can’t immediately update your status, see an important e-mail, or catch an urgent, time-sensitive call. The fact is, being disconnected is hard.

Mobile Necessity

In December of 2013, it was estimated that 1 in 5 people in the world owned a smartphone, and 1 in 17 owned a tablet (Source: BI Intelligence, 2013 numbers); those numbers are almost certainly higher by now. It’s not just the number of people using mobile devices that’s on the rise; employers are investing more in mobile applications, too, so there are more opportunities than ever to connect from wherever you happen to be. Mobile accessibility is essential, but does having a particular kind of device matter? The answer is that the type of mobile device you have matters much less than how you use that device. The crucial thing is to have the ability to quickly pick up your phone, check your tablet, or glance at your smartwatch and then take immediate action; this is a key to success, both for you and for your company.

Knowledge Capture and Transfer

When an employee leaves a company, they take their knowledge with them. Employers understandably want to capture as much of that knowledge as they can, so that when a new employee joins the company, he or she will be able to use the knowledge gathered by his or her predecessor. It’s in an employer’s own best interest to make sure their employees have mobile devices and apps that are easy to use; with the right tools, employees can instantly record activities, enter notes, save files, and document conversations. The data gathered by the employee can be immediately entered into the employer’s database. Having mobile apps that are easy to use, effective at capturing information, and efficient with the knowledge transfer process are key when it comes to implementing a solid mobile strategy.

When looking at how people use mobile devices, one survey found that 85 percent of 3500 responders prefer native mobile apps over mobile sites (Source: Compuware article “Mobile apps vs. mobile websites – and the winner is?“). At SalesPage, we understand the value in having strong mobile apps.

Does your firm have a mobile strategy? How is your firm leveraging mobile devices today?

SalesPage Mobile: Exactly What the Wholesaler Ordered

SalesPage clients realize how necessary it is to have mobile access, and how important it is to capture and transfer knowledge. As a result, our clients typically make it a priority to outfit their wholesalers with mobile solutions so their team members can easily input and leverage data anywhere, at any time. SalesPage Mobile is one of those solutions. Wholesalers can quickly access their solution to perform key actions, like entering notes, pulling up advisor details, and looking up sales history data just before (or just after) engaging in important conversations. Our clients know that having immediate access to crucial data, and being able to capture pertinent information via SalesPage’s mobile app can be instrumental when it comes to the success of their wholesalers, and their company.

Whether you’re using a smartphone, a tablet, a smartwatch, or all of the above, you’ll want to do everything you can to get the most out of mobile functionality.

SalesPage continues to focus on having the best distribution management solutions for asset managers. As a result, we continually produce useful and innovative products—including mobile apps—that help our clients capture and leverage data easily and effectively. (We’re excited about the possibilities that smartwatches—like the Apple Watch—might bring to those in the wholesale community!)

If you’d like to take a look at SalesPage Mobile and see how it can help your wholesalers and business succeed, let me know or request a demo. I’d be happy to give you a quick 15-minute demonstration.