Slow Down, Get Perspective

thebigpictureToo often in today’s business world, we don’t take the time to slow down, get perspective, and think about where things are going, how we can do things better, and why we are doing what we are doing.

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Strategic Insight Fund Trends (SIFT) conference. Leading up to the event I was working on a number of urgent projects, and thought about sending one of my team members in my stead. Fortunately, I was able to attend and found it was a worthwhile investment of my time.

While we are all busy, it is important that we take the time to:

  • Get expert perspectives on the most pressing industry issues
  • Learn from other leading firms in our industry
  • Benefit from interactions with our peers.

SIFT really delivered. Here are a handful of highlights and insights that I gained from the conference:

  • Robert Reynolds, from Putnam Investments, and Thomas Faust Jr., from Eaton Vance, talked about company culture, and how vital a good culture was to achieving their corporate goals. Firms who attract the most talented people, and let them do their thing, will inevitably rise to the top.
  • Flexibility and innovation are keys to future success. Today we are dealing with increasingly complex investment options, revenue and fee pressures, regulatory hurdles, distribution model changes, and growing competition. Being flexible enough to deal with these changes and challenges, and having the ability to innovate, are keys to sustaining long-term growth.
  • Speaking of innovation, it was incredibly interesting to learn more about Eaton Vance’s NextShares, a new type of actively managed ETF (exchange traded fund). NextShares has currently been licensed by several other firms, and provides the opportunity to bridge the gap between active and passive investments. It will be interesting to see how this innovative new product type may change the industry in the future.
  • It is always valuable to interact with members of the leadership teams at asset management firms as well as at our competitors. It never ceases to amaze me how close-knit our industry is. While we all vigorously compete every day, the level of integrity and commitment to improving our industry is truly refreshing.

When I took the time to slow down, listen, and learn, I found myself reflecting on SalesPage’s past and looking ahead to our future. Over the past year I have been focused on sharing SalesPage’s long-term strategy with both our clients and our prospects. A key component of this strategy is the fact that we have doubled down on our commitment to remain 100% focused on the asset management industry. Attending conferences like SIFT not only reinforces why we have built our long-term strategy around this industry, but it also provides me with the satisfaction of knowing that we are working in an industry that attracts some of the best and brightest people.

The interactions I had at SIFT, and the insights I gained were both refreshing and rewarding. I recommend slowing down, thinking about the future and taking advantage of conferences like this one. I look forward to seeing you all at a future conference!