Marketing and Segmentation and Sales! Oh My!

Vector flat concept of process social media business and marketing. Startup, business planning and resultsWhat’s trending in the asset management industry this quarter? Marketing system integration, segmentation, and, of course, sales! Based on the conferences and meetings we’re involved in over the next few months, those are definitely the topics on everyone’s mind.

Marketing System Integration

SalesPage holds two client Roundtables each year: one in the spring and another in the fall. Participants consistently tell us that they especially enjoy the part of each Roundtable in which SalesPage clients tell their stories. Ahhhh … what kinds of stories? What are the stories about?

Typically, each story starts with a client talking about a business challenge that their organization faced, and ends with revealing how the client overcame that challenge. The middle bits are particularly compelling, often involving sharing some of the creative ideas that were considered (and either implemented or rejected), as well as any specific enhancements that were made to a client’s SalesPage solution, to solve the problem.

In the client stories portion of this year’s spring Roundtable, we’ll explore the challenges faced as well as the solutions found by clients who are pursuing the integration of third-party marketing systems with SalesPage. Several clients will talk about what they experienced as they worked out the best way for their organization to share data between marketing systems—like HubSpot, Pardot, and Marketo—and SalesPage products.


Data-driven segmentation is near and dear to SalesPage’s heart; from our point of view, segmentation plays a significant role in delivering the right message to the right people at the right time.

Later this month, segmentation will take center stage as members of the CRM Forum gather at the CRM Forum, Spring 2015 to discuss how asset management firms can leverage CRM technology to achieve their goals. As a long-time partner of this group, and with a handful of our own clients participating, we look forward to being a vital part of the conversation as participants talk about everything from segmentation best practices, to defining segmentation metrics, to measuring results.

Sales: Bringing it All Together

As a distribution management solution provider, SalesPage is all about bringing sales, marketing, operations, and technology together. Our clients use SalesPage to effectively manage data, focus distribution efforts, and drive asset growth. So naturally, we’ll be on hand at the MFEA’s upcoming Distribution Council, where we’ll hear Principal Funds talk about their ongoing strategy for aligning the teams of people who handle these efforts for their organization. We’re looking forward to learning about their processes, and to hearing what others are saying about this topic.

Diving into MFEA events like this one gives us a front-row seat and a great forum for learning more about what’s on the minds of asset managers. We’ll be talking about everything from top challenges to best practices. Check out this event, to see some of the other topics that will be up for discussion in April.

More Events This Quarter

We’re also looking forward to staying tuned into the nuances and news about integration, segmentation, and sales at other industry events that will take place later this quarter. We’ll be on deck for events hosted by the Investment Company Institute (ICI), MFEA, and Strategic Insight. To see a full lineup of conferences and meetings we’ll be participating in, visit our events page.

As always, we’ll keep you in the loop about our key takeaways from these events, and we invite you to join us for some or all of these gatherings if you’re able to do so!