In the Zone—Targeted Scheduling for Wholesalers (webinar recording)

When internal and external wholesalers work together to connect with advisors, time is precious and communication is key. It’s in everyone’s best interest to make every minute count—from identifying the best targets, to making that initial outbound phone call, to scheduling an appointment, to being present for a face-to-face meeting. We found—and our clients have confirmed this—that coordinating efforts and delivering the right message at the right time are central to success. SalesPage’s zone management and trip planning tools (standard in our SalesPage Pro and Enterprise+ products) help wholesalers target the right advisors as efficiently as possible. Let us tell you how:

We showcased SalesPage’s zone management and trip planning functionality in a short webinar on March 25th at 12:00 PM ET. If you’ve ever encountered scheduling difficulties like those faced by our fictional Pat and Sam, or if you’re curious about how we help wholesalers manage this process:
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Out of Sync

First, let’s start with an example of how wholesalers might schedule meetings without SalesPage’s zone management and trip planning tools:

  • An internal (Pat) supports an external (Sam) whose territory includes all of New York City. This morning, Pat is working on setting up meetings for Sam for next week.
  • Pat starts by looking up advisors in New York City, and—based on sales numbers and market share opportunity—identifies several advisors to contact.
  • Pat begins calling and e-mailing those advisors.
  • Through Pat’s efforts, Sam has five different meetings scheduled, each with an advisor who is a very likely prospect. Fantastic!
  • But wait; after taking a closer look at two meetings that are scheduled on Tuesday, it becomes obvious that the first one is to take place in Lower Manhattan, while the second meeting is scheduled for the Upper East Side—and there’s just a 15-minute window to get from one meeting to the next.
  • How will Sam make it to the second meeting? He can’t. He won’t.
  • Sam is frustrated by Pat’s lack of understanding of the territory.
  • Neither Pat nor Sam have a lot of extra time, but now Sam needs to explain the problem to Pat and Sam needs to reschedule a meeting (which hopefully won’t annoy the advisor).

Avoiding these kinds of pitfalls is where SalesPage’s zone management and trip planning tools come into play.

In the Zone

Throughout our solution, our processes and functionality support wholesalers as they work to identify the most likely targets. Our robust tools are designed to help you hone in on ‘the right’ targets—whatever that means to you. Maybe that means finding advisors who have hit a certain level of assets, who have also hit a particular target mark in sales dollars for last month; whatever your criteria, we give you the tools you need to identify your most promising targets.

And then, our zone management and trip planning tools let you divide each territory into geographical zones, typically based on ZIP code. With this division, an internal can truly understand an external’s territory. So, in our example above, instead of trying to fill Sam’s schedule by looking at all of New York City, Pat could have simply planned Sam’s trip based on zone definitions for his territory. This might have resulted in Pat creating several different zone trips for Sam—all in the same territory, but each focused on different zones/geographical areas. That would have made it easy for Sam to meet with the right advisors during each trip, and it would have been a simple matter for Pat to set the meeting order based on advisors who were in close proximity to each other.

Our zone capability helps wholesalers quickly identify valuable advisors within a specific area. Then it’s a simple matter to contact the advisors and schedule meetings that respect geography and that don’t conflict with one another. Internals can be more precise when scheduling meetings, while externals can rest assured that they’ll have time to get from one meeting to the next, and that they’re meeting with the most promising advisors.