New Partner: CRS, Managing Opportunities

In June 2014, SalesPage partnered with Customer Retention Solutions (CRS), Inc., another Southwest Michigan firm, to build Mortgage Trac™, an innovative opportunity management system. CRS specializes in mortgage retention marketing campaigns for financial institutions; their new product—Mortgage Trac™—is an opportunity management system that provides loan analytics, automated lead generation and campaign management tools, all designed to increase the effectiveness of loan officers.

David Disser, founder of CRS, recognized the demand for this system. “In 2013 we saw the refinance marketplace was shrinking to the point that by 2014 new strategies were necessary to maintain profits and clients,” commented Disser. “By partnering with SalesPage, we were able to leverage the expertise of two firms to produce a unique opportunity management system.”

Since June we’ve been working with CRS to develop this system, and we applaud CRS as they officially launch Mortgage Trac™.

With Mortgage Trac™, those in the banking industry can make better use of mortgage loan portfolios and can quickly identify opportunities that provide the best economic benefit. Loan officers and managers can focus their efforts on high-return opportunities while continuing to analyze and attend to the needs of their current and potential customers.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done on the CRS Mortgage Trac™ product, and we are excited to see it hit the market. Partnering with CRS on this initiative is another great example of how SalesPage stands ready to help our clients leverage data to increase the effectiveness of their sales efforts.