Leadership Succession and Transition Plan

Last October, Bob Gordon, President of SalesPage, announced the first steps in a process of focused growth that we’re undertaking here at SalesPage. This process is centered around SalesPage’s vision to be the most respected and in-demand distribution management partner for the world’s most forward-looking financial companies. Today, we’re announcing our leadership succession and transition plan as the next step in this carefully considered and planned process.

Bob Gordon, President, to Retire

In January of next year (2016), Bob Gordon will retire from his position as President of SalesPage Technologies. Over the next year, Bob will be working closely with his successor to ensure a smooth transition. After that, he’ll continue to be deeply involved with SalesPage, acting as a management consultant and senior advisor. As President of SalesPage since 2000, Bob brought strategic guidance and extraordinary fiscal responsibility. He began the process of honing the SalesPage team, developing a group with deep industry expertise and experience, who created award-winning solutions that were also successful in the marketplace. In an era that’s included more than one tech bubble and the great recession, Bob built a stable software company that has not only endured but has continued to grow and to be profitable.

Aric Faber, New CEO

We’re pleased to announce that Aric Faber, currently our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, will succeed Bob in leading the company. Aric will assume the position of CEO in January 2016. He has been a member of the SalesPage team since 2006 when he joined us as Executive Director, Business Development. Before joining SalesPage, Aric helped to establish and lead an accomplished and award-winning team at BlueGranite, a Michigan-based software development company that was named one of the Michigan 50 Companies to Watch. While serving as BlueGranite’s President, Aric continued to play a key role in strategic marketing and sales, as he will for SalesPage. During that time, Aric also earned his MBA at the University of Michigan, building on his Calvin College BA in Business Administration. We are excited that someone who knows SalesPage, our clients, and our business, as well as Aric, does will be taking the helm.

New Director of Sales

As Aric begins the transition to his new role as CEO, SalesPage is actively seeking a new Director of Sales. Given Aric’s experience and passion for consultative sales as well as the complexities of the asset management distribution industry, Aric will continue to be deeply involved in strategic sales, account management, and consultation. He will work with our new Director of Sales to ensure that our clients are fully supported throughout this transition, and he’ll always be directly and deeply involved with SalesPage clients.

SalesPage Leadership Team

Under the direction of Aric and SalesPage’s COO, Jennifer Rutledge, a formal leadership team has been formed. The team is composed of senior SalesPage staff members, all of whom have been with the company for 7 or more years. The mission of the SalesPage leadership team is to create a workplace environment that reflects our company vision, philosophy, and values. Our goal is to push leadership down, coach our current leaders, and identify future leaders. We believe that this type of environment will lead to an ability to make faster decisions, empower our existing talented team members, and enhance our ability to recruit talented new team members.  The leadership team will be tasked with influencing the strategic direction for the company; they are currently engaged in evaluating our operating model, to ensure that we meet our clients’ high expectations and to support SalesPage’s future growth plans.