Segment Like a Ninja 2: Be the Ninja

Managing Segmentation CourseIn a recent blog post, Dan Scafe, Account Executive at SalesPage, noted that many asset management firms do not channel their data into segments effectively or in a timely manner, even though they recognize the value of focusing their marketing efforts in this way. Although firms across the industry acknowledge how important it is to distribute marketing materials to the right audience, they struggle to accomplish this. Despite knowing that calls are exponentially more effective when targets have been intelligently identified, firms often take a scattershot approach when running call campaigns. Why? Because channeling data into segments can be complicated. To be cliché: if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

But here’s the good news: segmentation isn’t complicated for everyone in the asset management industry! SalesPage clients have found that with the segmentation management tools in our solutions, they can jump in and change segment definitions as often as they’d like. Changing segment definitions once a month—or even every single day—is a piece of cake.

Our segmentation module is easy to use—that’s not new. But here’s what is new: we’ve just added a video course to further support those who add and update segments. The nuts and bolts process of managing segments has always been pretty straightforward, and has been covered in SalesPage Help—and yet, not everyone learns just by reading. So, we’re now offering a different way to learn about segments. If you’re a visual learner, then the Managing Segmentation course—and our entire library of video tutorials—might be right up your alley.

If your organization doesn’t already subscribe to SalesPage video tutorials, request additional information or contact me or your SalesPage representative to learn more.