SalesPage Financial Snapshots

SalesPage Financial has a really handy feature that you may not know about, called snapshots. Snapshots let you extend your interaction with contacts, taking those relationships to new levels. In short, snapshots are additional profile records for an individual, which let you work with that single contact in more than one way.

How do snapshots work? In SalesPage Financial, each contact, each individual person, has a contact record which stores very basic information about that person, such as his or her name, e-mail address and phone number. Each individual contact record comes with at least one snapshot record, which is basically information that categorizes them—perhaps as a rep, or maybe as a firm contact, or maybe as something else altogether. Adding an additional snapshot for an individual lets your company track all of the different kinds of distinguishing data—rep, firm contact, etc.—for a single person without duplicating his or her basic information.

For example, many individuals in SalesPage Financial are reps. However, if you have a rep who’s also a decision maker for his firm, you can define that person as both a rep and a firm contact. How? By simply opening the Edit page for the rep, and clicking ‘Add Snapshot’ in the page toolbar.

Rep Edit Page: Add Snapshot Option

You’ll see a list of all possible snapshots that you can add for this contact. Selecting one usually displays a search page appropriate for the type of snapshot you picked. For example, if you select Firm Contact, a Firm Search page is displayed so that you can pick the the Firm with which the Firm Contact snapshot is to be associated. This means that you can actually link the same person to different company records, if necessary. When you’ve selected a Firm with which the Firm Contact should be associated , SalesPage creates the new snapshot and displays information for this person in their new role, with a new button—Other Snapshots—in the page toolbar:

Firm Contact Detail Page: Other Snapshots Option

When you click Other Snapshots, any other snapshots assigned to the individual are listed; you can simply click one to show the detail page associated with it. So you can jump between the different roles for this person quickly and easily.

Snapshots that are commonly used together include:

  • Rep and Firm Contact
  • Rep and Office Contact (often used for a person who acts as an office or branch manager)
  • Rep and Consultant (used in the Institutional module)

One thing you cannot do with snapshots, however, is to give the same person two records for the same role—that is, a single person cannot have two Rep snapshots.

At SalesPage, we spend time thinking about how our clients do business, and making improvements to our solutions to better fit those needs. Snapshots are one way that SalesPage Financial is flexible enough to meet your needs.

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Product Name Changes, November 2016

  • The product formerly known as SalesPage DataCenter is now SalesPage Enterprise. With its data and entity management and allocation tools, Enterprise is the basis for all SalesPage solutions. Think of it as all the good SalesPage stuff except for CRM, making it perfect for use with other CRM tools like Salesforce.
  • The product formerly known as SalesPage Financial is now SalesPage Enterprise+. With Enterprise+, you get all the goodness of SalesPage Enterprise plus our long-standing CRM tools tailored for the asset management industry, available at your site or as a hosted solution.
  • SalesPage Pro is our comprehensive cloud-based data management and CRM solution for small-to-medium asset managers.