Video Training Updates

Last September, SalesPage announced new video training subscription plans, designed to make low-cost, on-demand training a reality for our clients. Now, all of our hosted clients use these video tutorials to learn to use their SalesPage applications. Many of our clients who host and manage their own applications have also opted for video training subscriptions. The video training subscriptions have been a huge success, both for SalesPage and our clients, removing the barriers to getting training when users need it.

Since we announced our video training subscription plans, we’ve been working to improve SalesPage video training in every way. We have:

  • Improved reliability and performance, to provide a better experience for all users. Player controls have been simplified and videos load quickly.
  • Created shorter sets of tutorials for the courses on working with the SalesPage Developer Suite tools—AppServer Console, PageServer Console, Administrator, Studio, Log Parser, and Project Info Generator. It’s now easier to learn a bit about how to use these tools, and then go practice your new skills before moving on to the next tutorial. (Clients who subscribe to SalesPage video training have access to such new courses as soon as they are available, without any action needed on their part.)
  • Added tutorials for working with administrative tools within SalesPage Financial, such as those for managing users, territories and lists.

Now, we’re pleased to announce that we’re also able to provide our clients with information about the tutorials that are being accessed from within their SalesPage applications. Starting in August 2014, SalesPage project managers will be able to provide clients with a monthly tutorial usage report, so that you can see which users are accessing which tutorials.

We also expect to release tutorials for SalesPage Financial Version 5.1 features in the next few weeks; those tutorials will be available to clients who upgrade to that release. Contact your SalesPage representative for more information about upgrading to SalesPage Financial Version 5.1 or subscribing to video tutorials, if your organization doesn’t already do so.