Survey: Institutional Relationships

As a solution provider and consultant to investment management firms, SalesPage understands how important it is to effectively manage institutional relationships before, during, and after a request for proposal (RFP).

Institutional asset managers typically have a long sales cycle with high stakes, which makes managing opportunities and servicing clients crucial to their success. For a winning response, those asset managers need to cultivate relationships with potential investors long before the RFP; then when an opportunity has been identified, they must gather data and organize resources. Perhaps most importantly, once an opportunity becomes an active account, those in the institutional business must provide hands-down, no-holds-barred exceptional service in order to retain their valuable clients.

From our point of view, we believe that a cohesive CRM and portfolio management strategy is the perfect fit for those asset managers who want to win and retain institutional clients. The tools in an integrated CRM and portfolio management strategy can give institutional asset managers just what they need to track vital relationships and connections. With strong CRM tools and a comprehensive strategy, asset managers gain a holistic view of crucial client data, including: asset levels; activity history and notes; the current stage for any given opportunity; and resource allocation/management.

Being able to tap into this data from a single point makes sense—and can make the life of an institutional investment manager easier. A strong CRM system is designed precisely to be that single point of access.

To check out our theory about the benefits of having a cohesive strategy, we’re asking institutional asset managers what they think.

If you work with institutional clients, please take a moment to complete this short survey.  The survey will be open until July 31, 2014. After it’s closed we’ll analyze the results and share that information with survey participants. We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and then sharing information about how your peers are gaining and retaining clients.

UPDATE: This survey is now closed. Check out what we learned in blog post, Institutional Survey Says, “The Need Data Integration to Grow Business”