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Not surprisingly, our staff members use SalesPage applications to manage a number of needs. One critical application used by both SalesPage staff and SalesPage clients is, which is primarily used to move an issue from identification through resolution. The process includes these stages:  report the issue; review by SalesPage; develop a solution (if appropriate); test internally; review by the client; and, finally, signoff by the client. We always use when we test one of our core solutions, but we also invite our clients to use the site’s issue‑tracking features to report any problems encountered in their custom solutions. Since this post series is focused on reporting issues, let me describe how you can go about using to submit such reports.

support.spaceYou’ve collected information on an issue; now the next step is getting the issue in front of SalesPage. A SalesPage Project Manager will provide login credentials you can use to log in to a secure slice of specifically for your company. Once you are logged in, your first view of will be a summary of all issues currently logged for your company, separated into tabs by issue stage. Issue stage is a status that tells you where in the resolution pipeline your issue currently stands.

From this view, you can add a new issue with one click. The Add Issue page provides fields for adding the information collected earlier, plus some additional details that may be used in your environment (such as your internal issue tracking number). You can also complete some optional fields that will help SalesPage to identify the context of the issue in your system; these include Severity Level and Required Due Date. Attachments—typically screen captures, Word documents or the logs you’ve identified— can be added as well, to flesh out issue details.

Once your issue is submitted, an e-mail is immediately sent to the SalesPage Project Manager responsible for your project, alerting your PM that a new issue was posted. The Project Manager will review each issue, and as the issue moves through the various stages, you will be able to see its status on the home page. The Issue Notes tab, available when you view details for an issue, tracks the conversation between the client and the SalesPage resources related to the issue. Notes are typically presented as a dialogue, consisting of clarification questions or suggestions for possible fixes.

One of our goals at SalesPage is to quickly and accurately address issues that come up in our client environments. We try to facilitate that by making it easy to collect the important information for each issue, and to report the problem to SalesPage using

In the fall of 2015, SalesPage released a new issue tracking and management solution, SalesPage Issue Center, which replaces Contact your SalesPage representative for more information.