FT 400 Best Wholesalers Use SalesPage

During September and October of 2013, Ignites Distribution Research surveyed the Financial Times 400 Top Advisers (FT 400), inquiring about the fund firms with which they communicate; the results were presented in a November report, Elite Advisors Identify Best Fund Wholesalers, by Jesse Mark. Advisors were asked to choose the fund providers with the wholesalers who best serve their needs; advisors ranked these twelve firms at the top:

Top-Ranked Internal Sales Teams
  Large Mid-Sized Boutique
1 BlackRock Eaton Vance Allianz
2 PIMCO Nuveen First Eagle
3 American Funds Legg Mason Thornburg
4 JP Morgan Goldman Sachs Henderson

Seven of these fund firms, including the top firms in each category, use SalesPage products to support their distribution efforts.

We are proud of our clients and of the fact that SalesPage helps them achieve these rankings. SalesPage provides wholesalers with access to the data, sales reports and tools that help them to communicate with and to serve advisers more effectively than most of their peers.

Let SalesPage’s solutions help you get this data into the hands of your wholesalers. SalesPage allows you to process and reconcile production data, manage entity data, understand market share, and leverage third-party data sources. You can organize and resolve data to the proper entity, territory, and channel structures. Then you can segment the data, review and customize sales summaries, and generate reports—all strategies that help you and your wholesalers make better decisions and develop an effective communication strategy.

In addition to technology, SalesPage clients leverage our client community to solve industry challenges, to share best practices, and to work together to enhance SalesPage Financial. If you would like to learn more about how we are helping our clients manage their distribution efforts, please contact us. We’d be happy to share information about best practices we see in the industry and about SalesPage solutions.