Details for Your SalesPage Application, When You Need Them

Project InformationSalesPage Financial is a complex solution, and working through its configuration, data source, and page files can be overwhelming for any system administrator. This is where the SalesPage Project Info Generator included with your SalesPage Developer Suite tools can help. The SalesPage Project Info Generator provides a wealth of technical information about your application project, in an easy-to-navigate format. This tool produces HTML documentation for the page, security, project, and object settings and their relationships to one another. This documentation can be regenerated whenever changes are made to your application. Each time you use it, the tool’s output is configurable with the following options:

  • Include Tables retrieves data from about your application’s tables, outlining the physical database tables. The description, primary key, foreign keys, columns, and index information are included for each table.
  • Include Objects retrieves data about the objects defined for your application, showing objects derived from tables but also logical entities, relates, and properties that are used by the handler class. The property information includes the type of each property, as well as any related database column. Additionally, the Name/Value Pairs section displays special configuration settings for each object, such as cascading delete and merge behaviors, whether the object is displayed within the Validation List Editor, and the properties that the application uses to determine duplicates.
  • Include Validations retrieves data about your application’s validations. Validations are used by SalesPage Financial to display lists of valid values for a property or field. The Validation section of the HTML documentation produced by the Project Info Generator shows which objects and queries are used to produce each list, as well as the object properties and pages in the application that utilize that validation.
  • Include Security Styles retrieves data about your application’s security. Security styles are used in SalesPage to secure items such as pages, fields, or objects. The documentation shows details for each security style that include the handler Java class it uses and its parameters. The handler class determines which types of parameters are used and it can consist of a general rule and data security or specialized classes such as Activity Access. This option, like the Validation option, displays the pages and objects using each security style.
  • Include Strings retrieves data about your application’s strings and includes each parameter value. Strings are settings for e-mail, folder paths, and other parameters accessed application-wide.
  • Include Pages retrieves and displays detailed information for each of the pages included in your application. In the HTML output, each page entry details the security style governing the page and every cell on the page (cells are the fields, buttons, tables, and labels on the page), as well as the linked objects and properties.

The SalesPage Project Info Generator is a simple-to-use tool that can help you to better understand the complex relationships in your SalesPage application. Determining which security style and associated rule governs access to specific functionality in the application or which validation list is related to a specific field are just some of the answers the documentation produced by the SalesPage Project Info Generator can provide. Complete instructions for using this tool can be found in the topic Using the Project Info Generator in Help for SalesPage Developer Suite or in the SalesPage tutorial Using Project Info Reports that may be available in your SalesPage application. If you have any questions about using the Project Info Generator, please contact us.