Visit More Customers, Drive Fewer Miles with SalesPage Trip Planning

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With the optional SalesPage Trip Planning module, your team members can help external wholesalers spend more time meeting with reps and less time in the car. Added to your SalesPage Financial application, our planning functionality lets you set default duration times for meetings and for the travel time needed between meetings. It can even suggest reps that a trip planner might want to add to a particular plan. Armed with this information, planners can make the very best use of time on the road, lining up a full circuit of appointments for an external wholesaler. Trip planners can also easily set—and change—the order in which meetings will occur. This makes it a simple matter to line up a series of appointments in the most efficient way possible.

Trip Planning

With map integration, planners can more easily visualize the route that a team member will take during a trip. Numbered markers identify the scheduled stops and indicate the order of those stops. Each time the route changes, the numbered markers are updated.

In Version 5.1, we’ve also added alerts to notify you when a trip includes more than one activity scheduled for the same time slot or when meeting times overlap; this makes it even easier to see when schedule changes are needed.

Taking full advantage of every minute on the road makes good sense; with SalesPage Trip Planning, it’s simple. For more about other new features and enhancements in our latest version, click here to request Release Notes for it.

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Product Name Changes, November 2016

  • The product formerly known as SalesPage DataCenter is now SalesPage Enterprise. With its data and entity management and allocation tools, Enterprise is the basis for all SalesPage solutions. Think of it as all the good SalesPage stuff except for CRM, making it perfect for use with other CRM tools like Salesforce.
  • The product formerly known as SalesPage Financial is now SalesPage Enterprise+. With Enterprise+, you get all the goodness of SalesPage Enterprise plus our long-standing CRM tools tailored for the asset management industry, available at your site or as a hosted solution.
  • SalesPage Pro is our comprehensive cloud-based data management and CRM solution for small-to-medium asset managers.