Roundtable: Spring Takeaways and Fall Save-the-Date

Since meeting with clients at our Spring Roundtable last week, we have been busy compiling notes and taking action on ideas that came out of the event. I’d like to share some takeaways from this event and a bit of information about our upcoming Fall Roundtable.

Save the Date

The Fall SalesPage Client Roundtable will take place on October 16, 2014, in Boston, MA. Eaton Vance Management, a principal SalesPage client since 2008, will host this meeting. I will share more details as the date approaches.

Spring 2014 Roundtable Takeaways

Here are some key takeaways for each session.

Market Overview

Mark Carver, an Investment Strategist for BlackRock, provided the audience with the following list of things to know and do this year:

What to Know:

  • The economy: Growing, albeit slowly
  • Interest rates: Higher, but not through the roof (projecting 3.3% in ten years)
  • Inflation: The risk is to the downside
  • Employment: Jobs are growing, but wages are not
  • More policy uncertainty means more volatility

What to Do:

  • Stick with stocks, for now
  • Seek opportunities abroad
  • Bond buyers beware: Once thought safe, now risky
  • Consider municipal bonds for tax-exempt income
  • Go beyond traditional stocks and bonds

Digital Marketing and Analysis

After outlining their strategies and responding to a number of questions, marketing executives on this panel recommended:

  • Use these resources for digital marketing: Kasina, Pat Allen from Rock the Boat Marketing, Cerulli Associates, Ignites and FundFire
  • Don’t just broadcast your message, make sure you’re following what people are saying about your firm
  • Don’t do more than you can manage and make sure you’re constantly tracking marketing initiatives and client behaviors

Client Successes and Challenges

This session showcased four SalesPage client firms, each of which had multiple successes to share with the audience. Due to the level of interest and limited amount of time, we tabled discussion on challenges and covered them during the question and answer session. We’re in the process of compiling notes from this and other sessions into a summary to share with clients at a later date.

Best Practices in Mobility

After providing insight into their mobile technology use, external wholesalers on this panel recommended the following, to improve mobile technology adoption:

  • Make mobile technology fast and easy to use
  • Don’t just include valuable data, but push it to wholesalers
  • Give wholesalers the technology, but more importantly, show them how it can be used to help them make money

Group Question and Answer Session

A number of topics were raised and discussed during this session, the most prominent being: predictive analytics, lead tracking, rep rating and dashboards. Client firms shared both challenges and best practices related to each of these topics. SalesPage gathered ideas on how to improve our solutions to help. As noted above, notes from this session will be included in the event summary.
We thank our clients for making this event valuable and informative. We look forward to our Fall Roundtable and to seeing some familiar and new faces!

For more information about upcoming events, check out our events page!