One SalesPage to Support the World

As business becomes more global, investment management firms seek ways to internationalize and localize successful strategies and software—ideally, they want to extend a single solution that produces results in one country so that it works for those in other countries, too. SalesPage has always recognized the need for single applications that can serve users in more than one country. Here are a few of the ways that SalesPage makes it easy for you to make your single SalesPage application support your global users.

Users’ Language and Location Settings

Users expect to see pages in the language they best understand, and to see dates, times and numbers appropriately formatted for their location. SalesPage applications are built to use language and location information for each user to personalize the way that data within the application is displayed to them. Language and location information can be retrieved from users’ SalesPage profiles, or it can be interpreted from other sources, such as the user’s computer settings, so that you don’t have to maintain this internationalized data in your application.

Multiple-Language Validation Lists

Throughout SalesPage applications, users can select values for many fields from validation lists maintained by administrators in the browser-based application. Such lists make it easier for users to pick appropriate options, but they also simplify searching and creating meaningful reports from data in the application. SalesPage provides support for administrators to maintain internationalized (multiple-language) versions of such lists, so that users can see and pick values in their preferred language.

The Translation Database

Both the SalesPage translation database and substitutions allow those creating and managing a SalesPage application to easily substitute a chunk of text in one language with an appropriately translated version of that text in another language, simplifying your efforts to internationalize your application.

The SalesPage translation database provides an easy way to translate text that is included on SalesPage application pages into other languages, and have those translations automatically be used in alternate-language views of the SalesPage application. For instance, if your initial SalesPage application is developed in English, once the text included on the English-language application pages has been approved, developers can use tools in the SalesPage Developer Suite to write each separate piece of text used in that interface to the English-language section of the translation database. Then translators—human and/or machine—can work in the translation database to craft appropriate parallel text strings in the other languages you need to support. Because the strings are abstracted from the interface, translators don’t work directly with the application code, minimizing the opportunity for introducing inadvertent errors. Once needed translations are complete, SalesPage Studio allows developers to work in alternate-language views of the application project, reviewing and adjusting the placement of translated text strings as needed. These alternate-language views are systematically populated with the translated strings from the translation database—developers don’t need to perform this arduous task by hand. Once users begin working with the SalesPage application, they automatically see an interface tailored to their preferred language.


SalesPage substitutions can make translating the SalesPage application interface even easier. Substitutions are essentially variables that can be used throughout the SalesPage code and interface, providing behind-the scenes translation based on the users’ language settings. Substitutions are especially useful for text that is conditionally displayed based on users’ actions within the application, and text that may appear over and over again throughout the application interface. Translators can translate such text one time and that translation can cascade to all of the places in the code or on application pages where the substitution has been included.

A Unified Solution for Your Diverse Workforce

Our strong support for simplified interface translation and a customized experience based on each user’s language and location make SalesPage applications an obvious choice for investment management firms who need to support international users. Please contact SalesPage for more information about how we can help you provide a single solution to meet the needs of your diverse users around the globe.