Email Tracking in SalesPage Gets Even Better

SalesPage Email Tracking allows you to see whether and when tracked emails were opened and what links in those messages were clicked. It automatically identifies email addresses that don’t work and which recipients unsubscribed from your emailings. Other email tracking tools provide similar functionality, but none is so tightly integrated with your SalesPage application. With this optional module, you use the familiar marketing, targeting and email tools in your SalesPage application, and you can easily examine data for all tracked emails in the context of your other activities. It’s simple to review sales data and other information for a group of email recipients, analyze the results from tracked emails, spot trends, and then use this information to target appropriate recipients and plan the most effective messages.

In our recently released SalesPage Financial Enterprise Version 5.1, SalesPage Email Tracking is more closely integrated with other activities and campaigns in your application, so that you can see at a glance the tracked template used and the statistics associated with its use. These changes build on those in Version 5.0, which included:

  • A more robust HTML editor that makes it easier to create more powerful and attractive message templates
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Enhanced detection and tracking of undeliverable email messages.

Many other email tracking solutions require separate product licensing and fees based on your usage volume. As with most optional SalesPage modules, you pay just once to add SalesPage Email Tracking to your SalesPage application and obtain an unlimited use license. These low costs and tight integration with your existing SalesPage solution make SalesPage Email Tracking a tough option to beat. For more about other new features and enhancements in our latest version, click here to request Release Notes for it.

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Product name changes, January 2020

  • The products formerly known as SalesPage DataCenter and SalesPage Financial are now SalesPage Enterprise. With its data and entity management and allocation tools, Enterprise is the basis for all SalesPage solutions and also offers an optional asset management-specific CRM.