Analytics: It’s Easy to Simplify Complex Data with Pivot Tables

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Comprehensive Business Analytics (BA) tools have been available in SalesPage Financial applications for years. These tools let you use pivot tables to view, organize and analyze raw ‘flat’ data from one or more tables. But SalesPage has recently developed a completely new BA toolset that provides enhanced functionality and that no longer relies on Microsoft Office Web Components.

BA, the Old Way

Historically, SalesPage BA tools generated cubes of data for use in pages that integrated Microsoft Office Web Components; you could leverage SalesPage data in pivot tables, all from within your SalesPage application. But that approach meant that each person who wanted to use pivot tables had to install Microsoft Office Web Components on his or her computer and had to use Microsoft Internet Explorer with specific settings. It also meant that a separate server-side component was needed to support this functionality. For years, this was a widely used and universally accepted approach, but at SalesPage, we decided to rethink pivot tables. Microsoft’s oft-issued statements about discontinuing support for Office Web Components played a part in that decision, as did our desire to develop a more straightforward way to provide pivot table functionality.

BA, the Version 5.1 Way

BA Query ChartWith our latest release—SalesPage Financial Enterprise, Version 5.1—we are proud to offer pivot table functionality that’s 100% SalesPage-developed and that’s engineered to be easy to set up, use and administer. Applying AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) techniques in the design gave us outstanding results. SalesPage pivot tables no longer use Microsoft Office Web Components. No extra client- or server-side components are required to support our new pivot table functionality, and the results are available very quickly. As always, you can design and develop BA queries that can be saved and made available for others to use. Analyzing, displaying, editing, printing, exporting and even counting the records returned by any saved BA query in your application is easy. SalesPage Business Analytics tools, available when the optional Business Analytics module is part of your application, are even better than before.

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Product Name Changes, November 2016

  • The product formerly known as SalesPage DataCenter is now SalesPage Enterprise. With its data and entity management and allocation tools, Enterprise is the basis for all SalesPage solutions. Think of it as all the good SalesPage stuff except for CRM, making it perfect for use with other CRM tools like Salesforce.
  • The product formerly known as SalesPage Financial is now SalesPage Enterprise+. With Enterprise+, you get all the goodness of SalesPage Enterprise plus our long-standing CRM tools tailored for the asset management industry, available at your site or as a hosted solution.
  • SalesPage Pro is our comprehensive cloud-based data management and CRM solution for small-to-medium asset managers.