Troubleshooting Slowdowns

More and more clients are reaching out to SalesPage for help in becoming self-reliant SalesPage administrators, particularly in regard to performance troubleshooting. If their users report an instance of slow performance, they want to more readily identify the source or sources of trouble. They want to know what information to gather and analyze—and perhaps pass on to SalesPage—to effectively diagnose and correct performance bottlenecks.

The first step toward achieving self-reliance in this area is knowing how to systematically assess the nature of a given performance issue. Getting in the habit of asking and answering some basic questions will help. Whether you’re able to diagnose and correct a given problem on your own, or you need assistance from SalesPage, determining the “who,” “when” and “where” of a given issue will go a long way toward arriving at the right conclusions quickly and efficiently.

To request a document outlining the specific questions to ask and try to answer when slowdowns occur, please fill out this simple request form.

If you need more help, contact your SalesPage project manager. You can schedule one or more sessions aimed at helping you master more advanced SalesPage troubleshooting techniques, such as using the Log Parser to more accurately diagnose the sources of issues.