Leverage Your Data, Big or Small

This past week, I attended the Financial Research Associates’ Mutual Fund Distribution Forum for the first time. The combination of executive-level attendees, along with talented industry-specific partners and quality content, created a conference that far exceeded my expectations.

During the conference, I participated on a fast-paced panel: Technology, Big Data, and its Applications: Strategies Incorporating Distribution Trends and Predictive Analytics.  This hour-long session, moderated by Rick Ledbury, CFA, VP of Research and Data Services for Money Management Institute, addressed “big data,” predictive analytics and data management. My fellow panelists included Bob Cunha, Managing Director of Marketing and Distribution Strategy, Eaton Vance Distributors, Inc., and Bill Sheldon, Chief Solutions Officer, Angoss Software.

In the panel, “big data” was loosely defined as large amount of structured and unstructured data from many public and private sources. For example, one combination of big data and predictive analytics would be using LinkedIn profiles, Twitter posts, market-share data, and past trade activity to predict future purchases. While the majority of panelists agreed that big data and predictive analytics will play a role in the future, most investment managers today are not taking full advantage of the normal or “small” data to which they already have access. Improving their wholesalers’ effectiveness by leveraging existing transaction, asset, and market-share data within their sales systems is at the top of the priority list for most investment managers.

Data management dominated not only our panel discussion, but several other sessions during the two-day conference. SalesPage was fortunate to have a number of clients participating in the conference who shared their perspectives on—and best practices for—data management. By the end of the conference, it was clear that SalesPage clients have an advantage over other firms in terms of how they are able to manage data to improve their distribution. I was thrilled with the fact that Dan Scafe and I were approached by representatives from many firms, who wanted to talk about why our clients seem to be so far ahead with data management. We explained that the primary advantage SalesPage clients have is that SalesPage solutions combine data management, sales reporting and CRM functionality into a single package.

I would love to speak with you about how we can help your firm take advantage of all of your data to make your wholesalers more productive. The year 2014 should be one in which your sales and marketing campaigns are smaller and smarter, and occur more frequently. To learn more about how SalesPage can help, contact us.