Aggregate Data for Better Decision-Making

I attended last week’s Financial Research Associates’ Mutual Fund Distribution Forum with my colleague Aric Faber; if you’ve read Aric’s post about the conference, you already know that everyone was talking about data. I was able to attend all the conference sessions, and was struck by firms’ struggles to effectively leverage all their data, as well as a renewed appreciation for some of the unique features in SalesPage solutions.

Over and over, participants considered the questions, “How are firms receiving their data?” and “Is that data being aggregated and capitalized upon in one solution?” Answers varied, but it was clear that having production data, entity data, market-share data, and other third-party data in separate silos only slows down firms’ efforts to achieve their goals. Investment management firms like yours rely on taking action quickly, based on who is doing business with you. Incorporating all available data sets into a single solution and providing appropriate aggregate data allows your team members to access and cross-reference all relevant information; that accessibility and analysis helps your firm’s distribution efforts be more effective. Like Aric, I was struck by the positive comments from SalesPage clients, whose solutions help them to consolidate and summarize all available data and to effectively tap into that data to drive decision-making.

During the forum, an emphasis was put on not only knowing where your data was coming from, but also on applying it realistically. Ask yourself: From the data sets your firm receives, what specific information is utilized? By which parts of your organization? Are you maximizing the benefits to be gained from that data? Investing in third-party data—whether it offers you data not available elsewhere, or “cleaner” data—costs you money. How you maximize that investment is what matters.

What does SalesPage have to do with all this? SalesPage has a unique focus on the investment management industry, and especially on data aggregation for that industry. We understand that handling and aggregating volumes of data on a daily basis is a key industry challenge. We understand that every firm wants to fully tap into the insights inherent in all of their disparate data. By offering solutions that incorporate data management, sales reporting, and CRM tools, SalesPage helps our clients overcome these challenges. If you’d like to discuss how we can help your firm, please contact us.