Reflections from MFEA: SalesPage Clients are Unique

Last week I attended my first MFEA event, the Integrated Marketing Summit in Chicago. What a well-run conference! I thoroughly enjoyed exchanging ideas with marketing professionals from a diverse group of financial firms.

While the whole day was energizing, the session I found most insightful was the Executive Roundtable, the last session of the day. Conference participants were split into three groups, and each group was given two hours to outline topics of interest and to discuss those topics with their peers. Groups came up with many compelling topics, including: marketing content strategy and its challenges; segmentation, analysis and predictive analytics; and compliance (especially getting things through FINRA).

During this session, one participant described her firm’s challenges with multiple systems and siloed data, which make it difficult to properly segment or share information between systems. She asked if other firms were facing the same challenge, and if so, how they were addressing it. Many others spoke up to say that their firms are also struggling to manage multiple systems—from marketing to data management to distribution—and to leverage intelligence between them. A SalesPage client in attendance offered to share how their firm has recently implemented a marketing automation system that shares data with and gets data from their SalesPage application. Though the project is in its beginning stages, the firm has gotten good feedback from the individuals who are trialing it.

The longer I listened to the discussion, the more I was struck by the fact that SalesPage clients seemed to be unique among those at the conference, because they can and do integrate their disparate systems with SalesPage to seamlessly leverage and share intelligence, drive campaigns, and trigger sales activity.

I look forward to attending more MFEA and similar conferences, to gain fresh insights into the successes and challenges of investment managers. I hope that I also get to hear such positive things about the experiences of SalesPage clients!

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