Webinar: Focus Your Day Around Useful Sales Reports

At our client roundtable a few weeks ago, internal wholesalers were key participants in the session Internal Desk Manager and Wholesaler Panel. Internals were asked to identify the tools they found to be most useful—those which helped them to structure their day. Their response? Daily sales reports and top producer lists are without question their go-to tools.

We understand that accurate and timely sales reports are important to investment management firms like yours, and we’d like to provide you with an opportunity to see how we help our clients with this!

Please join us for a webinar on December 12, 2013, from 12:00 to 12:30 PM EST. We will demonstrate SalesPage’s data management and sales reporting capabilities. We will show how firms use SalesPage to manage and reconcile data feeds to the firm, office, and rep levels; we’ll discuss how that data, coupled with other metrics including market share data, is leveraged to automatically trigger sales activity in SalesPage products. We’ll close the presentation with a Q & A session.

UPDATE: The webinar has past. To learn about other SalesPage webinars, contact us.