Video Training from SalesPage

Traditional Training Versus Video TrainingThis past Wednesday, September 25, SalesPage Training Coordinator Ruth Mankowski led a webinar describing SalesPage’s new subscription plans for our video training courses. These plans make it much easier for clients to access video training courses when they need them, from within their SalesPage applications. Ruth described how SalesPage Education Services has moved more and more over the last couple of years to providing online training, either as live, instructor-led sessions or as video training. Both live web-based training and video courses eliminate travel costs and the problems inherent in taking staff out of your office, but video training can also make it easier for larger groups of learners to get training when each individual needs it, and to view important videos or portions of them over again, either to reinforce what they’ve just learned or to refresh their memories. As Ruth noted, video training helps your team members find answers and become super-users more quickly.

Our first video courses focused on developer and administrator tasks. However, in the last several months, we’ve been adding end user tutorials, focusing on tasks that users may perform within the browser-based application. Clients who attended the webinar were especially excited about these tutorials. As trainers committed to helping our clients get the most out of their SalesPage applications, our hope is that these short videos make it much easier to train those who need to use SalesPage  on a daily basis; clients attending the webinar agreed that they will. We intend to update and add tutorials regularly; clients who subscribe to SalesPage video training will immediately have access as these new courses become available.

To learn more about our video training subscriptions and see a bit of Ruth’s presentation that shows how easy it is to use the courses, please visit our training page.

2017 Update: While I’d still encourage you to take a look at our training page, we no longer require separate subscriptions for video tutorials. Please log into SalesPage Client Center and visit the Video Tutorials page there to get started.