SalesPage Clients at CRM Forum, September 2013

Last week I attended a CRM Forum meeting. This industry gathering, organized by On Course Advisors, is held twice a year to learn about and discuss ways to help asset management firms leverage CRM technology to achieve their sales goals. While this forum is open to all asset management firms, regardless of the CRM system they use, SalesPage clients are always well represented. Eight of our clients attended this particular meeting, including: Allianz Global Investors; BlackRock; Eaton Vance Investment Managers; Henderson Global Investors; ING Funds; and Nuveen Investments.

Every time I attend a conference like this, there are two things that stand out about our client base:

  •  Expectations for data management and sales reporting. While a variety of topics and challenges are addressed at every conference, data management and sales reporting are always prominent. When engaging in these conversations and listening to the issues firms have, it is apparent that SalesPage Financial clients are more sophisticated in how they leverage sales, transaction, entity, and market share data to manage their distribution efforts. The fact that SalesPage solutions integrate data management, sales reporting, and CRM capabilities into a single solution allows clients to be much more refined in how they approach the market, giving them a leg up on their competition.
  •  SalesPage client community. SalesPage puts a unique focus on having an active and valuable client community. Throughout the year, we host a client advisory board, two client roundtables, and quarterly webinars, and we facilitate co-development projects which improve SalesPage solutions and their use. This activity promotes interaction between our clients and leads to a familiarity and congeniality that is clearly evident at events like the CRM Forum. Not having to deal with industry challenges on their own is comforting to our clients. They partner with their peers to solve problems together, well before other firms in the industry are able to figure out solutions on their own.

We will be participating in three more events this year: SalesPage Client Advisory Board, SalesPage Roundtable, and The Mutual Fund Distribution Forum.  We look forward to seeing many of you there!