SalesPage Launches iPad App

Earlier this month, SalesPage Technologies released SalesPage Financial Mobile for iPad, a lightweight application that securely connects to the vital CRM data in SalesPage Financial, putting the right tools in wholesalers’ hands. “We are excited about this initial release, and we expect functionality to evolve rapidly, as SalesPage is focused on providing sales professionals with the tools they need to succeed,” remarked Michael Pessetti, Vice President Sales and Marketing for SalesPage Technologies.

SalesPage Financial Mobile for iPad supplements a client’s SalesPage Financial Enterprise application. Via the iPad’s wireless connection, Mobile provides instant and secure access to the client’s SalesPage Financial data, as well as to Mobile-specific maps. Focused functionality allows wholesalers to review sales and update contact information for reps they’re visiting, as well as to add notes, activities, and literature orders, all from their iPads. Mobile can also be extended to include client-specific tools for streamlining field operations and supporting business practices and goals.

This Mobile release includes:

  • A Dashboard with key items from SalesPage Financial, including sales and asset summaries, open activities, bookmarks, key indicators, and nearby top producers.
  • A unified Search tool for finding reps, offices or firms, saving those searches, and viewing found records in a table or on a map, as well as access to key queries.
  • Powerful mapping tools, fully integrated with iPad Location Services—it’s easy to pinpoint the current location, display a variety of maps (reps with high or low year-to-date sales; nearby firms, offices or reps; and others), and get directions.
  •  The full-featured SalesPage Financial Calendar, a resource for tracking to-do items and completed activities, as well as associated contacts, associates, and expenses.